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I’m not sure I’ve heard a speech that more closely matched the way we work with our customers. Like many of the other folks I respect in the online marketing industry, Gary Vaynerchuk isn’t must blowing smoke with theory… he’s aggressively applied, tested, and fine-tuned his approaches to online marketing – and succeeded.

This is a matter of fact style speech (warning: some profanity used for emphasis) that clearly articulates how the world is changing and why you want to act now as an organization to change the way you market your products and services. It’s only a matter of time before your competition does and you have have no customers to listen to. There’s not a minute to skip in this video – even the Q&A is amazing and will open your eyes. Watch it!

Take care of your customers and retain them. Acquisition strategies are going to become more and more difficult, making them more and more expensive. You can’t compete with a company that has wildly happy customers who tout their greatness every day. Become that company with incredible companies and you’ve just multiplied your marketing beyond what any advertisement could provide.

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